Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 18

A month ago I left my home to serve a full tieme mission. What a blessing, going on a mission was the right choice. 
I dont have much time to write becasue we are going to the cobanos beach today as a zone. which im super excited, 
We had to move Dani and Kevins date to the 30th. So there was no baptism this week. We are currectly teaching Gever and he is super positive. He is progressing so much he came to church yesterday, prays, and already reads the book of mormon. We are also teaching 2 families who are reallying seeking to find the truth. I love preaching the gospel it brings so much joy in my heart. 
I have to go but i love each one of you. you guys are always in my prayers

Hermana Vega

January 11

Hey everyone,
 el salvador is treating me well, The heat is unbearsble here its
crazy the flight to el salvador was super longs but i got the to catch
up on some sleep lol. my first area is SONSONATE which is completely
beautiful. my trainer is from mexico really close from where my
parents are. Her name is Hermana MORLES  and im learning so much from
here I love the mission so much im learning alot of things and i love
seeing how the lord is extending his hand toward me. I love our savior
he is my savior. The people here are pure amazing they are willin to
listen to our message maybe not accept but they listen. My spanish is
horrible everyone cuts me off when im speaking. everyone calls me
hermana Gringa lol haha. ALot of the people here have a strong faith
in god they have been through alot but there faith never fades.
We have a baptism on Saturday and Sunday. Dani and Kevin are so ready
to makes those coveants with our lord. we had 1 our of 5 investigators
show up to curch yesterday. Now i knnow how the missionaries who
taught me family felt when we never showed up to church lol. the
mission has not been easy but who said salvation was easy- God is
there for us always we just need to do our part for god to do his.
THey have PIZZA  PAPUSAS yes thats right . i love them
Guess who is organzing a english class for everyone who wants to learn
english --
yes that right i am. Im the teacher and were starting on thursday we
are expecting alot of memebers and non members to come i know that
will help us find people .
Remeber to do the daily things ps not pictures i lost my camera or it
might of got stolen im trying to be humble about it. but have a great
week everyone!!! love you all

Hermana Vega

January 5

okay everyone im in el salvador i got here safe. my pday is next week and they gave us time to email and say we are safe adios