Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July 4

How are things in Utah. Its was nice being able to talk to you. I got transfer to Belize and my Comp is from California
 So First of all I forgot to mention last week that we were going to baptize a 16 year old girl named Asalia. My comp found her through a member the week before I came. Then we taught her throughout these weeks and got baptized yesterday! She was so excited, she wanted me to speak about the Holy Ghost and I just want to take a minute to speak about how important it is to strive to be worthy to always have the company of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost testifies of God and Christ and helps us recognize the truth of all things. Holy Ghost provides spiritual growth, Helps us make correct choices in our life, comfort us during times of trial or sorrow, warns us of spiritual or physical danger and provides the power by which we teach and learn. How great is the Holy Ghost! I can testify with all my heart that the Holy Ghost is one of our Heavenly Fathers most precious gifts and through the Holy Ghost we can feel the love that God has for us and direction for us. And this is what motivates me to strive  to always have the company of the Holy Ghost with me. So I will never doubt what I should do or where I should go. 

 Orange Walk, Belize is very cool the people are so great and willing to listen. The thing is that they don't have a religious background so we missionaries like literally have to start from zero with them. Then you have those people that believe that Jesus Christ smoked weed when we he was on earth. So for them its not a sin to smoke and drink. But we are def helping those people realize the truth you know. 

Another thing about Belize is that we don't have Wards or Stakes we Branches, but in Orange Walk we are trying to get a ward and we are pretty close. So we are hoping in 6 months we can have a Ward so we can have a Stake. Belize is hot hot hot hot, If I thought El Salvador was hot, boy was I wrong Belize is super hot and if you notice I'm getting really dark hahah.

Well its offical I have a new president, He is from Colorado and his name is President Adams. I will actually meet him tomorrow at the Multizone in Belize City. 
But I hope everything is good love you so much!

SIster Vega

June 27

Hey sorry I didn't write last week, transfers came up and I got transfer to Orange Walk Belize. Yeah I'm no longer in El Salvador, Its crazy but the people are awesome, my new comp is from California but has parents that were born in Mexico I'm also preaching in English at first it was a bit hard because I'm so use to teaching in Spanish but I got the hang of it. Theres actually like 12 languages they speak here, so I'm hoping I learn a few lol. But the mission is awesome I'm glad the lord had enough trust in me to send to Belize because its a small amount of people that go to Belize theres only like 60 in total. The President even told me its a privilege to be in Belize. I love the mission and I know the lord knows me and being here in the mission I came to realize that even if I don't see Our Savior face to face but I can say I know him. I love the gospel and always remember to be the type of member the lord wants you to be I love you guys so much. I'm seeing a lot of miracles in my mission. I will send pictures next week 
Sister Vega

April 18

We had a baptism this week in a river Bryan and Daniela !!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 28

Hello everybody first of all I wanted to wish you guys all a Happy Easter, I love this time of year because we remeber the atonement of our Savior. 
I know i know its kinda late to be writing but we went to the beach in the AM so I dont have that much time to write alot. But this last week was crazy I was in a trio, we had 2 weddings and 3 baptisms, and 2 areas to cover which is inslanely big. but here are couple of pictures I love you guys all and thank you so much for all the support. Always remeber that the Savior loves you guys
Sorry for making it short but keep doing the daily things that will make our relationship with our savior closer. 
Hermana Vega


Sunday, January 24, 2016

January 18

A month ago I left my home to serve a full tieme mission. What a blessing, going on a mission was the right choice. 
I dont have much time to write becasue we are going to the cobanos beach today as a zone. which im super excited, 
We had to move Dani and Kevins date to the 30th. So there was no baptism this week. We are currectly teaching Gever and he is super positive. He is progressing so much he came to church yesterday, prays, and already reads the book of mormon. We are also teaching 2 families who are reallying seeking to find the truth. I love preaching the gospel it brings so much joy in my heart. 
I have to go but i love each one of you. you guys are always in my prayers

Hermana Vega

January 11

Hey everyone,
 el salvador is treating me well, The heat is unbearsble here its
crazy the flight to el salvador was super longs but i got the to catch
up on some sleep lol. my first area is SONSONATE which is completely
beautiful. my trainer is from mexico really close from where my
parents are. Her name is Hermana MORLES  and im learning so much from
here I love the mission so much im learning alot of things and i love
seeing how the lord is extending his hand toward me. I love our savior
he is my savior. The people here are pure amazing they are willin to
listen to our message maybe not accept but they listen. My spanish is
horrible everyone cuts me off when im speaking. everyone calls me
hermana Gringa lol haha. ALot of the people here have a strong faith
in god they have been through alot but there faith never fades.
We have a baptism on Saturday and Sunday. Dani and Kevin are so ready
to makes those coveants with our lord. we had 1 our of 5 investigators
show up to curch yesterday. Now i knnow how the missionaries who
taught me family felt when we never showed up to church lol. the
mission has not been easy but who said salvation was easy- God is
there for us always we just need to do our part for god to do his.
THey have PIZZA  PAPUSAS yes thats right . i love them
Guess who is organzing a english class for everyone who wants to learn
english --
yes that right i am. Im the teacher and were starting on thursday we
are expecting alot of memebers and non members to come i know that
will help us find people .
Remeber to do the daily things ps not pictures i lost my camera or it
might of got stolen im trying to be humble about it. but have a great
week everyone!!! love you all

Hermana Vega