Monday, December 28, 2015

December 21

Well guys, I made it till Sunday and everyone tells you if you make it by Sunday the rest of your time at the MtC will be easy and fast. My campaign is from Idaho her name is Hermana Dayley. She is serving in El Salvador as well same mission as me. So its most likely we are flying together. So my zone recieved pretty bad news that i wasn't happy, the MTC is doing this new program that starts in March they picked my zone to test this new program. So that means im staying a extra week at the MTC, I was complaining alot a about it but i can to know that this extra week is going to help me so much more. So im grateful for this opportunity. 
The food here is amazing they feed you constantly which is amazing because i love food. 
I'm teaching my first real investigator tomorrow her name is Ivette Hernandez I'm pretty excited but nervous. I learned to just love the investigator because its not about me it's about them.  
Christmas season is coming up and The spirit of christmas come with the spirit of Christ, with the spirit of christ comes with the spirit of change which comes with repentance and come more like christ. There's is a question i wanted you guys to ponder and think about it. How close to the savior than you were a year ago? What can you do to become closer to Our Savior this year during this season? 
I ran out of time Hermanos and Hermanas, los quiero mucho and always do the daily things like praying and reading, pondering, etc. Heavenly fathers love you with all his strength. Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!

-Hermana Vega

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