Tuesday, July 12, 2016

June 27

Hey sorry I didn't write last week, transfers came up and I got transfer to Orange Walk Belize. Yeah I'm no longer in El Salvador, Its crazy but the people are awesome, my new comp is from California but has parents that were born in Mexico I'm also preaching in English at first it was a bit hard because I'm so use to teaching in Spanish but I got the hang of it. Theres actually like 12 languages they speak here, so I'm hoping I learn a few lol. But the mission is awesome I'm glad the lord had enough trust in me to send to Belize because its a small amount of people that go to Belize theres only like 60 in total. The President even told me its a privilege to be in Belize. I love the mission and I know the lord knows me and being here in the mission I came to realize that even if I don't see Our Savior face to face but I can say I know him. I love the gospel and always remember to be the type of member the lord wants you to be I love you guys so much. I'm seeing a lot of miracles in my mission. I will send pictures next week 
Sister Vega

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